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Lesbian Wedding Questions on Etiquette [Jun. 2nd, 2005|08:19 pm]
Lesbian Weddings
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Hi and congrats to those who are getting married and to those doing most of the planning for those friends, I feel your pain. I have some questions that I'm hoping somebody can help me with.
I am putting on both the brides showers AND bachelorette parties and have run into a few questions ...

I'm not trying to insult anybody with these questions, I am asking so I'm not so ignorant.

Are lesbian bridal showers okay for mixed company? We have a lot of trans-male friends *ftm* and is it okay to invite them as well as those who identify as female? A few of those trans men are gay and a few are straight*with female partners* and I know some of them would be insulted to be invited and then some would be insulted NOT to be invited as well. If I do end up having the shower open to our trans friends, what about the bio-male friends of ours? I've only ever been involved in straight, heterosexual weddings so I only know the etiquette regarding, NO MEN ALLOWED for the showers. Would it be okay to just keep that idea? Ugh, this is really stressful.

Another question is, can both bridal showers havthe same theme? I'm low on funds as I just moved in with m partner and we have loads of stuff needed to buy for our new home and putting on two showers and two bachelorette parties is going to break the bank. Is it rude to ask those other close friends who didn't take the initiative, to help pitch in for the costs? And is the same theme too tacky?

Since there are 2 bridal showers and some guests are invited to both, how are presents handled? I feel bad inviting some people to both showers and have them think they have to buy presents for both, especially when shower presents are expensive sometimes.

Are there any gay/lesbian websites that have help with the planning of these events? Bridal showers? Bachelorette Parties? Etiquette?

Again, this is a new thing for me and I've only had any experience with hetersexual weddings so I feel quite outta my element. Any help would be appreciated.